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A Letter to Our Community

I am extremely grateful for our members and patrons who have stuck with us through these incredibly trying and stressful times, and it is because of your love and care for our collective space and staff that we are able to continue to operate.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Even though we have not seen many of you for several months the team has been hard at work, redesigning the website, Kaitlyn has been working on redesigning the front of the studio in order to give us a fresh new look, Evan has been busy in the back yard re-organizing it to start to take advantage of that large and amazing space we have, and Francis, Lori, and Jackie have been furiously working out a plan to re-open the studio with safety measures in place.

We wanted to share with you and the community that we are open for business with restrictions and safety measures in place.  For the safety and well being of our at-risk members and to protect our staff we have modified the studio to maintain physical distance guidelines during working hours, we have increased the number of classes we offer but restricted the class size to in order to ensure there is physical distance but plenty of opportunities for you to sign up.  Protecting our staff and members is our absolute greatest priority and we ask that everyone wash their hands immediately when entering the studio, wear masks at all times, and maintain physical distance so that we can all stay safe while and continuing to have a space to create, make, play, and have fun together. 

For our at-risk population we have set aside special hours for you, please ask any of our amazing team Francis, Lori, Kaitlyn, and Jackie about the details.

We need your help, support, and continued patronage to stay open, in a safe and caring manner to help ensure we are at the bare minimum paying our staff, rent, and bills.  We have been working through the small PPP loan we received but that is fast running out and we are looking for your continued patronage during these times.  

Welcome back to MIY Ceramics Studios!


Denise, Francis, Jackie, Kaitlyn & Lori

Denise Mendez - Owner Miy Ceramics

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