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MIY Ceramics and Glass Studio's First Pottery Throw Down: A Battle of Creativity and Skill

Competition and creativity collided in a fun event as MIY Ceramics and Glass Studio hosted its first-ever Pottery Throw Down on April 22, 2023. This highly anticipated event showcased the remarkable abilities of the competitors, who pushed their limits within the constraints of time and competition. Ranging from participants with a few months of experience to seasoned artists, the Pottery Throw Down presented a Battle Royale of skill and innovation in a layback environment of a South Florida community studio. The event proved to be an fun experience for both competitors and spectators, as they witnessed the transformative power of challenge and time pressure in pushing artistic boundaries.

MIY's Pottery Throw Down provided a platform for potters of all levels to showcase their skills and explore their artistic potential. The event was a testament to the incredible progress that can be achieved when individuals are motivated to step outside their comfort zones and discover hidden talents. Throughout the competition, the atmosphere was filled with excitement, anticipation, and a shared passion for ceramics. Whether they were novices or seasoned ceramicists, everyone was pushed to their limits, resulting in unexpected outcomes. The camaraderie and support between competitors further enhanced the spirit of the event, making it a memorable experience for all involved.

MIY Ceramics and Glass Studio's Pottery Throw Down pushed participants to explore their creative limits and discover the depths of their potential. The biggest surprise to everyone competing was "I had no idea I could do that?!" The competition showcased the transformative power of challenge and time pressure in unlocking hidden talent and unleashing innovative ideas. The event served as a reminder of the incredible growth that can be achieved through friendly competition, ultimately fostering a stronger, more vibrant ceramic community. I am proud to think that we could play this role in the growth of each of the potters at the competition. I can't wait to do it again, and bring more of the artists & local studios in our community together.

I am grateful for the opportunity to mold and shape our community!

Denise Mendez

The judges, Dorandy Mercado, Valeria Rios and Diana Fridelova brought their knowledge and critical eye to the table, carefully analyzing technique, form, and functionality. Their invaluable insights and expertise ensured a fair evaluation process and provided constructive feedback for the competitors to further develop their skills.

Special Thanks to Our Judges:

Dorandy Mercado, an accomplished Ceramic Artist & Studio Owner of Mercado Art Studio approached the task with precision and artistry. Her expertise in evaluating technique and craftsmanship brought a valuable perspective to the competition.

(Instagram: @mercado_art_studio, Website:

Valeria Rios, known as Mudd Moiselle, brought her passion for ceramics and keen eye for detail to the judging panel. Her expertise in functional ceramics and aesthetics added depth to the evaluation process.

(Instagram: @muddmoiselle, Website:

Diana Fridelova with her unique artistic perspective as a product designer and her supportive nature further contributed to the fair and thorough assessment of the competitors' works.

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Sona Gupta
Sona Gupta
Aug 22, 2023

Very informative and useful post. Thanks for sharing.

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