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MIY is at a new location in West Hollywood

We are Moving

After almost 16 years of calling Hollywood Florida home we must now find a new 
one.  Below are links to all the current
information we have about our next step and how it will effect you. 
The Old East Hollywood Location

Our Moving Story

Make it Yourself Pottery Ceramics Glass Art Mosaics

Hi I'm Denise Mendez the owner of MIY Ceramics and Glass Studio currently located in Hollywood Fl going on 16 years. We are a community Arts space that has provided thousands of classes and hosted hundreds of events benefiting local charities and enriching our local arts community. We have provided the public with a shared community studio for pottery, glass, mosaics,  and so much more. Throughout the years we wanted to build a space where others felt welcomed to create at their pace with guidance from MIY teachers and members, and we succeeded.  Our cross-generational, culturally diverse members are what create our unique learning environment, and we are so proud of it.


I can’t tell you how often we get told how the studio has helped someone through a difficult time, how the atmosphere is so soothing and inviting, and that they feel at home with us and in our welcoming embrace. I want to say thank you, your love, passion, and support are what make the studio the loving, inviting, creative space that we all enjoy.


Now to the semi-sad bits. In late December the landlady notified us that she was selling the building. The SOLD notification came within hours of her telling us, we didn't stand a chance. The new owner took over and as of January 3, 2022, and in no uncertain terms, is kicking us out of the building.  After all these years supporting the community and fundraising for others who knew we would need to do this for ourselves. We are forced to find a new home for the studio and we need to be out of the studio by 4/30. We started this Go Fund Me page to share with you what is going on with the studio as well as look for support however you can.  

Denise Mendez Owner of MIY Ceramics
Our Moving Story